our story


where we begin…
...to create with a desire from which we reuse what others would toss aside...to open a thought process, a dialogue if you will, of the potential to exist with the intention of finding and recreating the beauty from something used, less interesting, hidden and therefore no longer of value. 

this is what drives us at rehasht. we are committed to recomposing and reigniting the beauty of used and discarded garments, textiles, furniture...the list is limitless. 

the slow fashion movement is in existence to create awareness of the impact of how the fast fashion movement is destroying our earth by making cheap, throw away clothes. from the dirt floor factories far out of our site where seamstresses do NOT make a living wage...to the piles of of clothing sent to goodwill type industries to be shipped back to these countries in piles...simply because we don't know where to put it all. 

can we slow you down??...to rethink the impact of your need to reinvent your wardrobe constantly ...by not purchasing new? what do you see in your closet that no longer serves you, yet you just cannot throw away? how can that piece be upcycled to be worn again? can a thrift shop satisfy your desire to buy more clothing, rather than purchasing new?  if your still reading, we believe you are interested.

what we love is for our world to discover the beauty of old, not so perfect, rusty and abused objects that man has already created...only to possibly be discarded as unusable.  our philosophy is "there is beauty in the rubbish, there is another life to a worn out piece of clothing or furniture. 

rehasht wants to welcome you to another option of purchasing your next garment or home goods. we are all about the next life of the unused piece. the next AMAZING one of a kind wearable art or reclaimed furniture.

take the journey with us as we create from our desire to unmask the beauty of something old, the magic of wearing a one of a kind piece that has been sewn with you and sustainable fashion in mind. the field of possibilities are endless.

join us in navigating those possibilities!